What Other People Thought of StrengthsQuest

The strengths assessment was extremely helpful. It allowed me to tailer my studying habits to better match my theme, which resulted in better grades while studying less.

~ Second Year Student

StrengthsQuest is one of the most useful tools I’ve used in my life.  StrengthsQuest has helped me maximize my talents as well as others' talents. Further, StrengthsQuest has given me a deeper appreciation of how individuals process information and how our strengths shape our professional careers, our personal life and our world view in general

~ Grad School Student

Overall, taking the StrengthsFinder has helped me develop a better self of self-awareness and has showed me the importance of capitalizing on what my authentic talents and skills are. Using these strengths has allowed me to be aware of how I contribute and can learn from others in collaborative group work in the classroom, in the workplace, and in my own personal life. Now that I am a senior, I have spent a great deal of time deciding what the next step in my life is. During my job search and interview process with organizations, I used my 5 strengths as a way to convey who I am as a person and how I can contribute to my future employer. Additionally, knowing my strengths has contributed significantly to the work I do as a student employee on campus. I most recently co-developed a workshop on the practice of leadership (for my internship) and was able to have the opportunity to work with a friend who exhibits vastly different strengths than me. I learned to appreciate what she brought to the table and saw that her ability to be very flexible and adaptive complemented my futuristic and action oriented strengths. It was a fabulous experience and lesson in my work style as well as how I work with others!

~ Emily, Senior

I found StrengthsQuest™ to be one of the most useful assignments because it gave my supervisor and I a chance to really evaluate what I succeed in and therefore draw up projects that utilize those strengths.

~ ID 3208 Internship Reflection Class Student

Initially, I was skeptical.  However, while reading my results, it felt like someone was describing me without actually meeting.  It was very empowering and encouraging to have my personality and styles affirmed as strengths and to have concrete ideas of things that I could pursue to build on my strengths.  Taking this assessment was one of the most valuable things about this course for me.

~ ID 3208 Internship Reflection Class Student

Being cognizant of my strengths has made me a stronger leader and learner in professional and personal life. I am much more confident in my ability to lead because I have a better understanding of my relationships with my co-workers and I am more prepared to adapt to challenging situations (i.e. communication). Additionally, I am a better learner because my strengths have enabled me to become more self aware of my leadership style (i.e. knowing when it's necessary to work independently and interdependently). Finally, knowing my strengths and being able to articulate them to others has aided me in identifying and securing career opportunities beyond college.

~ Jermaine, Senior

The strengths-based approach transformed my whole mindset about the people I work with and how I can learn, and gave me amazing insights as to how to improve my work with others.

~ Jessica, Class of 2011

It gave me useful vocabulary for describing my strengths to employers, peers and teachers.

~ Student

The StrengthsQuest activities were really eye-opening and made me realize I can do more than I thought.

~ Student

It reassured me that my major was a good decision for me.  My strengths are closely tied with my future career.

~ Student

The StrengthsQuest activities helped me discover my strengths and find experiences that support them.

~ Student

Thanks for putting together the ADS session on [StrengthsQuest]. I honestly got a lot out of it and enjoyed the presentation. It will be beneficial for all of us next year.

~ Brother Al Qalam

Thanks a lot for putting this together. I think it will be very beneficial for the future growth of the chapter.”

~ Brother Lobo

Great event! I am excited to see how we use it.

~ Brother Resvaloso

I really got a lot out of this! I just wish more brothers had taken the time to go through this (I think especially of the Alumni). I agree with you that it would be great if we can all leverage this info to strengthen our organizations and programming.

~ Brother Big Black

This approach to knowing our strengths is very helpful for interviews and talking about yourself. Sometimes we do not know ourselves and we need something to tell us ‘this is who we are and why we tend to do the things we do. I really wish more brothers would come so we can enjoy our brotherhood and learn more about each other.

~ Brother El Motivo

From a faculty perspective, I found SQ to be an excellent tool in helping to engage students in meaningful discussions about major and career-life planning issues.  Additionally it gave students a common language to discuss their strengths with fellow students and their advisors.

~ Mike Stebleton, Assistant Professor - Post Secondary Teaching/Learning

The value of StrengthsFinder® in working with students is that it acquaints them with their areas of strengths. Most importantly it builds their confidence. So many times they discount their own strengths or take them for granted. The assessment helps them understand that their approach to leadership and problem solving is unique and powerful if they focus on applying it.  One student in my class recently commented on how exciting it was for her to discover her "positivity" strength and was able to identify a number of instances when she'd used it recently. Perhaps more important than anything else, it changes students' focus from weakness fixing to building areas of natural strength. A few of us encourage students to include a grid which outlines their strengths and examples of how they have and will use them in their profession in their portfolio. It gives employers 3rd party validation of the skills students describe in the interview process.

~ Sara Nagel Newburg, Director, St. Paul Campus Career Center

Strengths have naturally found a way of playing a role throughout my time in college. It started with a leadership class that was largely based on StrengthsFinder, where my interest spurred. Then, as a Community Advisor, I was trained to use my Strengths to plan events and do things I was naturally good at. It also helped in class group projects to strategically delegate tasks. Now, in my career-seeking days, I can use my Strengths in interviews and to seek out positions that align with my skills. Your Strengths won't naturally develop if you don't acknowledge them. You just have to seek out ways to use them - to do what you're good at doing - and then you will realize their impact and value.

~ Jessi K., Senior Class of 2012

I have had several students tell me that after discussing their strengths results with me, their thinking about themselves evolves, and they keep coming back to the idea of "going with my strengths" when it comes to classes, relationships, major decisions, internships, etc.

~ Elizabeth Hruska - Assistant Director, St. Paul Campus Career Center, Coach, Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE)

We see great value in using StrengthsQuest and a strengths based approach. We use it with all 150 Community Advisors (CAs), about 40 of our student leaders, and now are using it with our standard residents. We have seen our professional and student staff more engaged.  We have also seen our student leaders more engaged.  Though it is hard to convey all of the results in specific/quantifiable terms, people seem to be more invested overall in their positions.  It also plays out that the more buy in the professional staff have, the more buy in the students have. We have offered our first set of strengths related workshops to students and have had 80 people sign up to take the assessment and attend a 90 minute workshop. We are using Strengths as a component of a large new curriculum model in two large resident halls. It is hard to separate out the Strengths impact fully, but the new model has resulted in a 50% decrease in judicial issues in one hall and a 20% decrease in the other hall. At the end of the semester we should be able to compare grades between those who took strengths and those who did not.

~ Grant Anderson - Coordinator, Program Director, Housing and Residential Life

Knowledge of one's strengths is critical to finding one's 'best fit' in their chosen field. A university experience is not simply about the acquisition of knowledge, but also the discovery of how to apply knowledge gained to serve society. The study of strengths is key to making this outcome reality. 

~ Todd Sorensen - Pharm.D, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy

I have worked with many audiences from students, staff, employees, and faculty and I have consistently found that focusing on what people already do well, but often take for granted, can be far more energizing than a deficits remediation approach.  A focus on working to improve what one has never done well does not lead to excellence, but when one can harness that same energy to take a naturally occurring talent to the heights of a strength  there is universal appeal and a contagious enthusiasm.

~ Jennifer Engler, Psy.D. - Jennifer Engler, Psy.D.

StrengthsQuest gives students the language and a framework to talk about their strengths and I have found that students gain confidence in themselves because of this.  Self-assessment is an essential part of the career development process and StrengthsQuest provides an additional way for students to engage in self-reflection and awareness. All of the first year students in our college take Strengthsquest as part of their First Year Experience and I have worked with students who have reconsidered their career direction and have moved towards a major/career that fits with their strengths because they were involved in the StrengthsQuest initiative.

~ Jeannie Stumne - Lead Career Coordinator/Undergraduate Career Counselor, College of Education and Human Development Career Services

The attached grid (Sample Student Grid) represents an actual student assignment I now require for my class. It is now a required assignment because three years ago I had a student in class who used her grid in a first round interview with one of our employer partners. The recruiter was so impressed she immediately forwarded the student to second round interview and then proceeded to ask the student all about Strengths because she wanted her staff take it. The student came back to tell me that her strengths grid was what got her to the next round.

~ Heather Fredrickson - Assistant Director, St. Paul Campus Career Center

I work with a student staff of 26 Community Advisors and this year Strengths has not only proved to help the staff work together more effectively, but has also solved at least one major staff conflict.

~ Stephanie Brownlee - Residence Director, Middlebrook Hall, Housing & Residential Life