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For a list of activities and exercises relevant to how you interact with students please choose a resource category from the drop down menu below. Please note that some of the activities may provide instructions/faciltiation notes that refer to use in the classroom or some other specific setting (i.e. career). Many of these activities have been categorized more broadly because they can be easily adapted to fit other settings. Please also note that many of these activities will require you to authenticate using your x.500 while some are available to the general public.

Three specific resources are highlighted below that are especially helpful in 1:1 sessions with students.

If you have strengths activities that you have developed and you are willing to share, please email them, with facilitation notes included, to

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  • Being of Service
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    This activity helps students become intentional about their relationships. As the StrengthsQuest text suggests, the word commit implies intentional and lasting action.

  • Circle of Strengths
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    This activity aims to recognize evidence of and discuss the role of their themes of talent in their personal behavior.

  • Degrees of Talent/ Owning My Strengths
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    This activity asks students to recognize the personal difficulties associated with affirming their own themes of talent.

  • Four Domains of Leadership worksheet
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    This worksheet describes each of the Four Domains of Leadership and provides space to see where one's Top 5 Talent Themes fall according to the Domains.

  • Secret of My Success
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    This activity asks students to identify examples of how their themes of talent have contributed to past success.

  • Strengths Tree
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    This activity  helps people understand the type of role they play on a team, as well as how their strengths and the strengths of others come out when working on a task. It offers a way to demonstrate and reflect upon the leadership domains.

  • Talent, Theme, and Strength
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    This activity helps students understand and develop a common language in which they can discuss natural talents and the development and application of strength.

  • Team Talent Map Template Version 2
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    An easy-to-use Excel template for a Strengths Team Talent Map. The template automatically displays the frequency of each talent theme. Created by Organizational Effectiveness (OE) at the U of M.